London: Big Red Crane Capital of the World

Not enough water yesterday followed by three rather hefty glasses of cheap, French wine has left me in an uncomfortable state this morning. Not a hangover per se, but definitely the feeling that the inside of my skull is lined with gravel and it’s pressing into my soft brain without mercy. I should be fine after the liquids resuscitate my cells, but for now I’m whining to you. Whining about wine. heh heh. That wasn’t even worth typing… πŸ˜‰

I tackled some tricky CSS work yesterday, but by the time I had, the wine was mostly consumed and I was tired. Before it becomes just another day of photos that I neglect to post, I present a few shots from earlier in the week. Neil had some business meetings in London, so I tagged along toting a Sony DSC-F707. I’m getting more confident with that hulking camera, (it’s huge compared to my Sony DSC-P41), and though it’s not discreet, it’s a lovely camera to work with.

Near Marble Arch there’s a large construction project underway with the most gloriously attractive cranes in operation. The skies were full of fluffy cotton clouds and the lighting was unusually cooperative. I didn’t really do ‘tourist’ photos since we weren’t really there for the attractions and partly because of how struck I was by the industrial beauty of the area around me. I’ll put a fuller set of photos from the day on my dotmac* page, which is listed in the right hand side bar under “More of Me.” In the meantime, enjoy this taste… (mouseover for descriptions; click to enlarge)

*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.

Marble Arch (token tourist shot)Perhaps my favourite shot of the dayI love angles


Stunning red with reflected craneMama and babyPhone Sex


Even the tracks look fast from this angle...Underground TrainMust've been a bad suit...

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7 thoughts on “London: Big Red Crane Capital of the World”

  1. I stumbled across your blog while looking for instructions on packing a bicycle (of all things). So, I’ve been lurking for several weeks and have enjoyed reading your entries. I came out of hiding because the picture you took of the crane reflected in the windows is absolutely amazing. Very nice job !!!

    Also, I like your tatts. I’m working on a sleeve right now, though there never seems to be enough money to get it finished πŸ™‚

    Anyhow, take care and thanks for the posts.


  2. Aww… shucks! Thanks David!
    (If you were viewing with IE, I just fixed the photo alignment for cross-plat/browser compatibility.)
    I am getting a braver (and perhaps, better) eye with my photos and have always loved taking pictures. Hope you check out my dotmac site- loads of pics over there.

    Tattoos. I ended up putting a chunk of the work on a credit card to get it done in time for my move across the ocean. There’s just something wrong with the idea that I don’t fully own my own tattoos… (Ha! just try to repo them Citibank! lol)
    Got a site with pics of your ink?

    Cheers for reading me-

  3. Oh yeah… the bicycle packing! I gave up in a real panic a couple of hours before my plane was leaving for England and paid a local bike shop to pack it. They did a fab job and my bike is in perfect health after a 4000 mile journey. πŸ™‚

  4. Okay, the second picture (top middle) with the eve or whatever that is. What is that for? Is that so anyone falling from above will bounce off and land far away from the crane?

    The shots are magnificent. The Underground train moving shows a good eye. Impressive.

  5. I just started a blog of my own tonight. I’ll hopefully be posting some pictures of my ink in the next few days. I’ll let you know. The website is Not sure if it is your cup of metaphorical tea, so if not, just edit out the link in this comment.

    Glad to hear your bike made it safely. I’ve had terrible experiences shipping bikes here in the US. I had just sold an expensive bike on eBay and wanted to see if I could find suggestions on how to prevent it from getting damaged during shipping. The local bike store wanted $160 USD to pack and ship it. Too rich for my blood.

    Take care,

  6. nice pics, you should take pic 1 and convert to B/W, might have a GREAT look to it that way also.


  7. Hi all! Thanks for the compliments!

    Brian: Not sure what the true purpose of the metal skirt bit is… it certainly appears to be a deflector of some sort though. Thanks for your high praise. * nearly blushing *

    David: I’ll check out your website. (See I’m already following your rule by not calling it the “B” word. πŸ˜‰ ) As for the bike, I think I paid much less than that to have it packed, but since I had to catch a plane at O’Hare in around three hours, I’d have paid anything out of desperation! lol ($160 sounds steep though…)

    Me Again: Hi sweetie! I typically do play with several of my photos in Photoshop for my own fun. The ones I posted here were “as-is” from the camera. I’ll likely be putting some sort of artsy site up with a separate domain I already have and want to showcase some of my better shots there. For now, the dotmac will have to do, but I’ve got plans in my head for a future portfolio/creative outlet thing… just have to magically make some time first! πŸ™‚

    Thanks again fellas!
    smooches to you all~

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