Thanks Saskia!

Thanks for letting me know how astray my blog had gone with it’s presentation in Internet Explorer. A few pictures in one of my posts knocked everything out of whack for IE PC. I’ve fixed that bug for cross browser/platform viewing, but there are more I know. In general, I’m not wholly concerned about the little differences between PC/Mac/IE/FF/Safari rendering with my blog, but I think I may look more closely at fixing a few more bugs. As much as I loathe IE, I’ll try to get my blog a little more enjoyable for those users. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Thanks Saskia!”

  1. jEN, it’s funny that we are having almost an identical CSS/XHTML problem that you responded to in my blog. I’m still working on the overall layout, color schemes, pictures, etc., just trying to get things working; you know how it goes.

    I noticed the problem Saskia informed you of when I was accessing your page via IE, went to FF and didn’t notice the problem. Nothing like non-compliant browsers and even in IE7, it still won’t pass the CSS1/2 compliance test. Oh well, Microsoft’s loss. Now if they can make Safari run on a Windows box (I know, I know, get a Mac).

    Good hearing from you, look forward to reading more of you in the future. (oh, and I found your blog through a forum post you made, somewhere, isn’t that really specific?)


  2. Hello! Yeah- the WP blog CSS is tricky here and there, but what’s keeping me on edge lately is the client work I’m coding… eeek! * nervous grin * Tight layouts with positioning nightmares and then the whimsical changes to integrate after battling on the bloody fields of cross-platform compatibilities… Pardon me whilst I scream. lol

    On the bright side, though IE still wants to walk it’s own walk, it certainly has sharpened my troubleshooting skills! 🙂 (I’d trade it for the easy life of standards adherence any day, but I’m trying to be positive… * grin *)
    And yes- Safari renders most things brilliantly. I think it’s the only browser that passes the Acid2 test, which is certainly rigid in requirements.

    Nice to meetcha and see you around!

  3. That was the test I was referring to, thanks for refreshing my memory, it’s getting hazy these days. One of the biggest problems is that IE, FF, Opera, any of the Microsoft Windows based browsers do not completely render properly. Seems like the anti-compatability nature of the Mac is finally the foremost winner when it comes to compatability. Nice.

    I remember the good old days where standards adherence was ensuring your program would run within a 640K DOS memory limit. Now days, different story.

    Pleasure to meet you too.

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