Real personals- “are you my babydaddy?”

This just might become a regular spot on the blog. I can’t claim the credit for finding this gem, but I am looking at this personal advertisement as inspiration to find more ‘omg- they didn’t!’ moments online…

For your enjoyment I present:
are you my babydaddy? you gotta help me now – w4m – 26

For the click impaired, (or just plain lazy), here’s the personal ad in it’s entirety:

Reply to: [link removed]
Date: 2005-06-26, 11:24AM EDT

my name is [name removed] and i have 5 chilren – two from one man and the other 3 from diffren men. my yungest is 4 month and older is 12 there name is marvin-tyrone-latishia-reggie-wanda. I am trying to find all the men that might b the father of my chilren. If you might be hem or know a man that says he gots chilren but not come around than let me no. i got problems so you gotta help them now.
god bless

The quest for more unbelievable ads has begun. If you have one you’d like to share, drop me a comment. (My spam filter will eject anything with more than one link per message, so just send me your best one.)
I’ll do my best to find some more beauties. Oh‚Äì and if you are her ‘babydaddy’‚Äì get in touch with her… form an orderly queue and get in touch with her… 😉


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3 thoughts on “Real personals- “are you my babydaddy?””

  1. That ad has got to be a joke. Everything about it is stereotypical–the spelling, kid’s names, the whole situation. It fits too perfectly into what I can picture lodged firmly in a racist’s mind.

  2. It’s a real ad… that’s the sad bit. Though it seems it could be a hoax from how stereotypically undereducated and ‘ghetto’ it is, the ad seems to be genuine. There are loads of unbelievable advertisements on the Craigslists from around the world- my material for the new category could be filled from that source alone! 🙂

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