Is it another average day? Nope.

Good morning!

As usual, I’m posting to you from my preferred blogging application, ecto. I’ve been loyal to it through several iterations over the past year (long before Neil’s involvement in the icon dev and design) and find blogging without it straight into the WordPress interface clunky and unappealing.

It is bliss, and now the good folks at ecto have found me and given my blog a fabulous review! Whooo! You can find it here as an archive, or currently on their main index page, complete with a little screen capture of my site (bigger than the one I’ve got below). Thanks ecto!

So on with the day. Did a chunk of yoga again this morning‚Äì ouchie. I’m definitely out of muscular practice compared to where I was this time last year with it. I’m getting there though. Slowly and painfully. 😉 I’ve got a trip to Portugal planned for later this year, and dammit, the bikini is going to get some use if it kills me.

We’ve got some friends popping in from Scotland today. Neil and I met Kevin in the old blogging days on the Polywogg (Mac only) community/system. The company has long since met it’s demise, but a couple of us P’wogg pals stayed in touch. Neil, Kevin and I have all migrated to WordPress and keep in regular contact. Kevin is an enthusiastic photographer and has made the long road trip to Southern England with his girlfriend to shoot some of the national treasures. I got a text from him day before yesterday telling me he’d managed to get to Stonehenge, which is still a place I need to see. They’ll be staying with us for a couple of nights and I’ll get to work my hostess magic by over-feeding and over-fussing them. 🙂 I do love guests.

Somewhere between mopping/cleaning the kitchen and bathroom tidiness, I have a new website to slice up into some CSS/XHTML. Not one for my own use, but helping out Neil with a new client. We’re working really well together‚Äì I take care of most of the visual elements, he takes care of the spooky code mojo behind the scenes. I’m the web equivalent of Martha Stewart and he’s definitely Norm Abrams. (Americans will know exactly who I’m talking about, but the rest of the world may not unless you’ve seen Martha Stewart’s tv shows or “This Old House” with handy-god Norm.) It’s an analogy that fits, trust me.

Right. Start your day jEN. 🙂


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