Imagine the sound of your favourite song, maybe a rock song, techno, rap or classical. Whatever it is, imagine it thumping through you ears, pulsing through your brain and causing your toes to tap in effortless reaction. Imagine the sound of birds waking just before the first morning light, their song tugging at the blinds on the horizon‚Äì pulling some invisible cord to reveal the sun. Imagine the sound of an engine‚Äì the one in your first car. The one that might’ve hummed then coughed, leading you to wonder if a $500 car could make all the way on your cross-country adventure. Imagine church bells on your wedding day or the sound of a New Orleans brass band funeral parade. Imagine hearing ‘I love you’ for the first time…

Now, imagine going out of your way to give it all up. Imagine making yourself deaf or pretending to be impaired. Imagine hearing aids as fetish objects and intentional deafness as an erotic experience.

I wanted to join the Yahoo! eGroup to find out more about this, but I couldn’t. In good faith, I didn’t join even to satisfy my curiosity since they make it clear that they request respect for what they are discussing. I can’t give them that, so I chose not to join for even my investigative urges. I couldn’t even tell you where I got this link anymore‚Äì I’ve had it bookmarked for so long, knowing I had to blog about it sometime.

Founded in May of 2000, there are 611 members in the Deaf Wannabe online group. Some are likely just lurkers, poking around to satisfy curiosity. But clearly, that wouldn’t likely be the majority. I can’t imagine what they are promoting is healthy or sane, but I’m not really qualified to judge. I just had to blog about it. I just thought it was so strange and alien to me that I needed to tell you.

This discovery opens all kinds of doors… Somewhere, someone is probably intentionally staring into the sun to blind himself. I haven’t searched for a group that might encourage that, but I’ll bet it exists. It’s a frightening thought to me, but then I couldn’t believe people would want to go deaf for pleasure. (I’ll bet you couldn’t either…)

On another brief related note, I remember hearing about people who intentionally remove their own toes or fingers as a form of body modification expression. I don’t really understand that either, but I thought I’d throw it out there for you. Now, I’ve got a handful of piercings and several areas of tattoo coverage, but I draw the line at removing body parts… If it works for you, great. Take your vitamins and change your bandages so you don’t get an infection, but I still don’t understand the attraction. Oh well. Who’s to say what’s normal anyway, right? And if you deafen yourself, you won’t have to put up with listening to anyone tell you their opinion on it… 😉


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3 thoughts on “Deaf-Wannabee???”

  1. I can’t imagine life without the sound of rain or songs in minor keys that make my heart ache and long for something. What that something is, I really don’t know, but to choose not to hear that siren song would leave me lost and empty.

    People like that cause me to rethink the “Live and let live without comment” philosophy I (mostly ) try to live by just long enough to shout,”You people are completely NUTS, NUTS, NUTS!”

  2. Yeah- it’s hard to be open-minded for such extreme behaviour. I was shocked when I came across the link to the group. To each his own, sure, but damn… it just smacks of serious psychological problems.

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