America or UK? Hmmm…

Went to Reading to do a little shopping on Saturday. I needed to visit a craft supply store, so Neil drove me to an area outside of town that seemed like a surreal American-ish shopping plaza. I was both at home and slightly confused by this cluster of mega-stores. It kind of felt like it had all been constructed as an American style movie set of a shopping area, but didn’t get it 100% right.
It was close enough for me, and after I snapped the following few quick pics for my friends and family to see, I immersed myself in craft and office supply bliss. No, I didn’t go to McDonalds. I didn’t go there for more than the very infrequent breakfast when I did live in the US, so I don’t exactly have any cravings to satiate here. (I will note that most McD’s here don’t look like this one. Most are fitted into existing buildings due to a lack of town real estate, so this one is exceptionally American looking.)
Anyway, the trip to Reading was pretty good. (If there had been an Old Navy and a Taco Bell in the shopping plaza above, I would’ve been in heaven…) Had some killer nachos at a cool restaurant called The Slug and Lettuce in town, bought a few little bits and bobs around the high street, and managed to purchase a staple gun at Hobby Craft. All in all a decent day.


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2 thoughts on “America or UK? Hmmm…”

  1. I really wish there would of been a Taco Bell there for you… it looks like it would of fit in perfect. I’m glad there wasn’t a Target there. (I’m being selfish… then what would we do when you come home. 🙂

  2. Yeah- Target would be too much. (It would rock- but would be almost wrong here… 😉 though it would’ve been perfect placement in that shopping area.) I can’t wait to get back there and shop it with you! And that they’ve put in an onsite Starbucks- oh my! 🙂

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