Instant coffee isn’t so bad

I’m sucking down another mug full of Tesco Organic Instant Coffee. It could be worse. It could be better‚Äì I could have my beloved IKEA cafetiere back from the dead… * sigh * At least there’s coffee. I am not going through withdrawal. (Now I know alcoholics will drink cold remedies and mouthwash when desperate‚Ä쬆what would I do? Ah, tea. I could just chew on a tea bag in sweaty desperation. I think I’m covered for any upcoming dark moments.)

We got to thinking about the schedule thing last evening. We’re going to give it a go with an hour earlier for it all. Now, I must tackle the aural demon that prevents me from hearing the alarms… I only sort of don’t hear them. I kind of absorb them more than ignore them. We need to find a clock or a solution with the one we have that prevents me from co-existing peacefully with Terry Wogan and the (mostly) dated tunes he plays in the morning. (I realise he’s a British institution, but I am not impressed by this icon’s morning drivel. Not that I like American radio style morning shows either. Morning shows are typically shit. I always prefer buzzers or bells to music and chat that I can tune out of my consciousness.)

Anyway, so the wheels are in motion to try to make a more compatible schedule for me. This will help my overall work/life outlook.

In other news, looks like a little shopping trip might be in order for tomorrow. Likely Reading, since we need a couple of things that we’ll have no trouble finding in the massive shopping areas there. I’m not giving up on a trip to IKEA soon, but I think both in one weekend would be fiscally irresponsible. 😉

That’s about it for now. I’m back to working on a little CSS project and then off to town for a Costa Coffee and Subway. (Geez‚Äì Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s… if I get Taco Bell here there won’t be much I miss in America outside of friends and family!)


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