Whooosh! There goes another day.

I’m not in the right schedule for me. This is painfully obvious. I spent six years in a structured daily schedule of work starting at 7am, so I was up around 4:30 or 5, working at 7, off at 3pm (unless there was overtime), and in bed around 10pm. This worked really well for me.
I’m having a hard time right now adjusting to a less structured work schedule. Granted, I’m not employed in a traditional sense, (I’m more like an intern), but my day is more like: up around 8-8:30am, working by 10am, lunch around 1 or 2pm, no clear break between work and non-work, bed around midnight. It’s not working for me. I feel lazy. I feel unproductive. My disappointment in myself causes conflict in my projects and I spend an awful lot of time not knowing what I’m doing and when to do it. I get distracted. I don’t get things done like I should and can. (Believe me, ADD doesn’t help either… 😉 )

My previous schedule isn’t so unlike the current one, but I started my day a lot earlier. I’m not saying I want to get up around 4-5am again… (screw that really), but I need to be up more like 6:30-7am and ending my day much more sensibly than midnight. I don’t want to live a separate schedule from Neil, but I need to change what I’m doing now. His first alarm goes off around 7am and a second goes at 8am. I need something more like 6am & 7am. I need to feel like I’m already working well before 9am. I’m not doing that until long past 10am now. My days whoosh by on nitro and I can’t seem to focus when I’m already thinking about what to do for lunch… Argh.

I guess I just needed to get that out. I like the opportunity of working from home, but it is a difficult switch for someone who’s never done it before. I’ve punched clocks for 18 years… Now there is no clock… You can see how rocky a transition like that can be.

Anyway, enough whinging. I’ve got loads of work to do and it’s already lunch time. There it goes again‚Äì you can almost see the exhaust trails of yet another day leaving me in the dust.


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