The weekend nutshell.

It’s fast. It’s concise. It’s‚Äì
(enter booming radio voice here)
My weekend in a nutshell!

(I’m already sponging away at a well-deserved glass of absinthe, so this list may or may not leave out important events. I’ll give it my best at 1am and green fairy influenced…)
So, Friday. I worked on some code. I ate some food. Shit‚Äì erm… oh! Neil and I walked to town for a coffee. No, wait… that was Saturday. Friday…
Friday… Oh! Neil’s friend Mike came over to discuss podcasting and we had Papa John’s pizza. (The pizza was just as good as the Papa John’s I used to order in the states. It rocked. We’d been sitting on a mailed menu from them for weeks and finally ordered. Yum.)
Saturday. Neil and I walked to town for a coffee. We avoided most work. Had leftover Papa John’s. I introduced him to House of 1000 Corpses.
Sunday. Chatted with Aaron on vid. Lazy, rainy day with a hefty chunk of coding/work time in the evening. I did some super good work. Gorgeous, tight CSS layout. No ADD demons and I am now pickling myself with a sweaty glass of absinthe as I lure sleepiness into my grasp.

It was a darn fine weekend. And, to top it all off, we made money on the Lotto. Only ten quid, but it was more than we spent so we’re winners. 🙂

Happy girlie signing off for the night.

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