Clean Clean Clean… scrub away the voices…

Ok- several notches too much on the drama-dial for that post title, but I am cleaning– that much we can be sure of.

Was up late again working on some killer code. I seem to have an entry level gift for complex CSS, and so new nuggets of code were hurtled at browser after browser, platform on platform until I stood on top of the selector hill of slaughter, proclaimed my weary victory and snuggled into a coma for the night. I started again this morning, had a minor setback with an ADD fit, (picture me as a pinball machine screaming TILT), then spanked some more code.

Now I clean house.

My code wrangling is mostly done for the day, though I have a pretty complex layout to complete by the end of the weekend. I love it. I don’t mind working over the weekend as long as I get the results I know I’m capable of. For now, however, I am rearranging a few bookshelves, dusting, and will be scrubbing at kitchen filth shortly.

Tonight, Neil’s due to have a close friend over for some podcasting fun, and I hear pizza could be involved. I’ve not had a proper pizza in over ten weeks… I will be merciless on that cheesy bliss. Merciless.
(If I don’t post tomorrow, I’m in bed with a massive cheese-bliss induced gut-ache. Send prayers and stay out of the bathroom please. 😉 )


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