Tapping a vein

I love vocabulary. Voluminous brains are hot. I do what I can to retain my broader-than-average body of words. (Actually reading some books is an attainable goal I determined to meet. My last post mentioned some coming from Amazon soon- whee hoo!) Kevin’s post threw my brain into a word grabbing light fever. Derailing myself as usual when I try to stay on target with something, I ended up just sitting and reading a few of my wacky words books, appreciating and giggling at the feast of obtuse language before me. One word in particular leapt out at me, and so I honoured it with a silly poem. Here it is:


The character of this epigram
is not to impart a thought-
but simply an aprosexic sham
for today my mind’s worth naught.

Hee hee hee! Aprosexia. It is the “inability to concentrate.” Yay! I have a convincing disease-like name for my uselessness!
I will use it with unapologetic abandon whenever necessary.


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