Browser curses, the arrival of words, and art

It’s been a few days since my last post… so here’s a lengthy one. 🙂

I’m having a less than stellar day/week with a sinister CSS bug that appears only in (cue ominous music here) Internet Explorer. Yeah I know, surprise surprise… But I’m gonna have it kicked and licked today hopefully.

That said, I’ve had a semi-rough week with the ADD beasties in my head. My lack of progress on the CSS/code issue has teamed up with a couple of other brain beasties and together they are serving up a can of frustration whoopass to me. I’ve shed a few tears over the last 48 hours or so, partially due to the cloud/fog of ADD and it’s Medusa’s mop of mental side effects, and partially thanks to a few personal battles not going so well. I’m just pissed off at myself lately but I’m working on getting over it. For the first time in around a year I took some of my leftover prescription ADD meds. I took a half dose, just feeling out the medication and seeing if I feel better or worse for it. So far so good. I feel fine and am accomplishing a few tasks that would’ve felt slightly murky earlier. I’ll take another half dose tomorrow and monitor the results. If this seems to help, I’ll look at getting a similar prescription here in the UK. I may not take it all the time, but when I need it, the medication just might be the lighthouse in the fog when I’m struggling to see.

On another note… I’ve got some words coming. Not ones I’ve written, but words in books coming from the ever-lovely I had decided that in this year of personal change and growth, that I’d attempt to read some books. I’m a good reader. I have more than adequate comprehension skills. I just have a hard time sitting and reading for substantial blocks of time. Don’t get me wrong, I can use the ADD to my advantage and hyperfocus for hours on a book, but it’s the actual journey to that hyperfocus that is the tough part. First I have to choose a book that stands out to me as something I can invest a block of time into. Then I have to actually budget in the time. Unfortunately, my best time chunks are always the ones where I should be accomplishing something else… but that’s where being more unapologetic in the way my brain works comes in handy. Carpe diem means more to an ADD person than you’ll ever know… 🙂

So, thanks to Aaron and Neil, I’ve got a couple of books on the way. Aaron and I had a long discussion about books a few weeks back, and I’ve ordered a couple of authors he’s read. Neil took the Amazon Wishlist I’d created for myself and placed an order. Shit. I’m doomed… I’ve got books to read and people to report to… argh. 😉

BrainI took a few minutes to write an email to my high school art teacher today. (Yes, I should’ve been working on code… quit naggin’ will ya?) I spent huge amounts of time with Barry Harrison. I’ll always hold both the time in his classroom, and my time with the school speech team led by Jennifer Oaks, as the most important personal experiences from Centerville High School. Harrison gave me a copy of Gray’s Anatomy in appreciation for the help I gave as a teacher’s assistant. I was encouraged to teach art to his younger students and was given a level of trust and responsibility not typically offered to a high schooler. His words of gratitude inside the front cover of the book still make me smile and remind me to be proud of myself for things I can accomplish. For some reason I had the urge to write him today… and I just read that inscription again. Thanks Barry. You rock.
Now, on that pleasant note, I’m off to pound some code into submission.


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