“that’s how they train…”

I was at the kitchen window, washing up a couple of coffee mugs for this morning’s ‘go juice’ when I saw the strangest van pull up to the intersection below… It was bright purple, long and roomy with a full colour photo graphic applied to the rear quarter of a lovely dog amongst flowers. The company was Eskamara’s Sled Dogs.

I have two problems with this.
A.) Y’all don’t have snow here in the Southern chunk o’ England.
B.) Is there really such a demand for sled dogs anyway to warrant large commercial vans with expensive graphics? It’s not like you’re going to drum up business driving through Berkshire, right?


I walked to the living room to tell Neil about it, telling him points A & B, when he responded, “No but we do have sleds with wheels. That’s how they train.”

You can imagine the look of confusion on my face when he stated those responses with a matter-of-fact tone. All the while, my brain blinked “TILT” like a pinball machine.

I think I’ll go get that coffee now… (I’m gonna Google for sled dogs later. Maybe I’ll check rates too… šŸ˜‰ )

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3 thoughts on ““that’s how they train…””

  1. Pure genius!

    Hi Jen.

    check out http://www.sled-dogs.co.uk/ for a laugh

    it may well answer some, if not all of your Q’s
    (or atleast give you something to think about over a cup of java)

    I still think the printed van is a tad overkill! šŸ™‚


  2. Thanks Matt! I’ll give the site a looksie. I was truly near rubbing my eyes in disbelief when I saw that van this morning… freaky.

    The weirdest bit though, was about 5 or 10 minutes later when I heard a group of barking dogs beyond my view from the window! I thought it must’ve been the sled dogs! šŸ˜€ (This area is mostly pet-free due to property lease agreements, so we rarely hear one dog, let alone a group of them!)

    Never saw a sled on wheels or dogs, but it was enough surreal behaviour to almost tuck me back into bed for a bit longer… lol


  3. Wow you may have hit on the solution to our over dependance on oil!

    How many Husky dogs do you think it would take to pull a Volvo? I guess the CO2 emissions will be less but other emissions greater šŸ™‚


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