Movies and Radio for all! (Legally!)

In this era of downloading the latest music, podcasts and music videos, there’s a part of me that cries out for using this wondrous technology to share some of the world’s most treasured and pioneering recordings. Fortunately, I don’t have to do a thing about this philanthropic urge, as it’s been done for me. I present to you The Internet Archive, which stores loads of audio, Brainvideo and text belonging to the public domain. Granted, there’s a lot of schlock on there, but if you dig in the right places, you’ll find full screen downloads and streams of treasured films such as The Brain that Wouldn’t Die, Nosferatu, Superman cartoons from the 40s, and Night of the Living Dead! (“They’re coming to get you Barbara…”)Super

If you crave some 1930s-40s radio shows, check out The Mercury Theatre archive. You can spend hours downloading or streaming classic radio plays such as OrsonThe War of the Worlds, Dracula, and The Immortal Sherlock Holmes!


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