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Hey all!

Been updating one of my Expat pages today. I’ve been terribly neglectful of them, so I tackled one regarding British English vs American English terminology. It’s by far not finished, but there is a healthy list started there for your amusement and education.
(The page will be a handy lesson to my pals in the US who are visiting me this year, so study up y’all! 🙂 )
To visit my Expat Life pages, see the list on the right side of this blog. I’ve updated the It’s the Same But Different page with the lingo list.



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6 thoughts on “Expat Life page update”

  1. hmm. I think the C word is universal, I wouldn’t say that wanker is worse the C. To be honest us brits rarely use that word, and when we do, we Really mean it. Wanker, well that gets used more, especially when driving.

  2. I think the C word gets used less in the states as a general term for a fairly crappy person but more as a really nasty thing to call a woman. Either way, it’s one I hear here more frequently, but wanker- that one I had to warn my friends about because they use it in a more playful way, like giggling when you call someone a dumbass. They were surprised that it has a bit more weight to it’s meaning here!

    Yeah, the date/month/year thing… I still get mixed up on that from time to time!


  3. Well I only Every use the C word as the worst possible thing to call a person.

    What about setting up a uk online shop to sell american goodies to expats?

  4. Unfortunately, the expat market has been covered already. 🙁 I’ve perused the sites, but not bought anything yet. I’ll wait til I’m reaaaally desperate for something first. 🙂


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