Broadband once more

You don’t have to tell me that I’m spoiled. It’s perfectly clear thanks to the past few days of intermittent web access. It’s back up for now, hopefully for good, I’ve caught up on my emails and am back in the blogging saddle again.

This service interruption came at a really shit time for me. Not only because the level of work that’s in, but this internet connection is my main method of communication with friends and family back in the US. Thankfully, I still had my .Mac webmail and was able to get an important message from Aaron‚Äì Moose is dead.

MooseMoose was a big city street dwelling cat whom we adopted around 1994. All black, mature, good natured and at times comical in his understated way, Moose became our first of several cats and a deep emotional attachment for us both. He was guessed to be up to ten years old when we took him in, which means by doing some basic math, he was around twenty this year. Although he became increasingly frail over the last couple of years, all bloodwork and checkups at the vet said he was fine, just getting old.

That trend ended this week. I don’t yet know the details, as I’ve not been in touch much with Aaron, (phone calls to answering machines don’t count), but I imagine a tearful video chat will ensue later today as I find out more. * sigh * I felt out of sorts the day Moose was put to sleep- I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I felt terrible. There was a current of emotional unrest and a sleepless night to follow. The next morning I logged into my email via a dial up connection to find the news… It’s strange that though I’m so far in physical distance, the constant connection of the DSL line makes the 4000 miles between my family, friends and me bearable. Video chat, email and blogging help keep everyone sane and makes it just a tiny bit easier to be physically away from them. What is it about the delivery of bad news that makes you feel as though ages have passed when really it’s been just a few days since you last spoke to someone? I felt every mile of distance when I read his email and I’m sure he felt every one as he typed.

I know I couldn’t have done anything to change what happened with Moose. He was in the best possible care and lived an extraordinary life for a retired alley cat, but just being there for Aaron to talk to would’ve been good. Hopefully the broadband stays active now and that little gap of Atlantic between my loved ones in the US and me shrinks up once more.


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3 thoughts on “Broadband once more”

  1. Moose was a phenomenal cat, a unique and charismatic example of felinekind. He was one hell of a cat and I loved him. Moose was a part of being friends with you, part of your house and life– it’s hard not for me to think of Moose, bright colors, and the scent of rose incense when I think of those times. Like the scents and colors I’ll progressively begin to associate new sensations with you– but I’m not going to forget that great cat.

    Tell Aaron I send my love and condolences, if you have an opportunity.

  2. I think Maddie really summed things up when she said that Moose was a part of being friends with you and Aaron. He was a cool cat, and you know how I feel about cats. I’m sorry for your loss.

  3. Thanks guys. He was amazing. I’ll pass along the love, though Aaron will likely read it first hand anyway. 🙂

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