The twisted dream factory keeps on truckin’

So there I was, in a boudoir full of men. (Sounds racy so far, eh? Read on…)

There was not a single whiff of pheromone in the air and all possible sexual overtones were certainly in someone else’s dream somewhere, for they were clearly not in mine. (I’m kind of glad about that. Read on…)

Instead, it was the adorable innocence of a child’s slumber party, only- set in the surreal freak show of my mind, it was a slumber party with around a dozen, (predominantly male, if memory serves), former co-workers and Jeff Bridges.

I was in my best flannel pjs sandwiched in a big cozy bed between a former co-worker and Jeff Bridges. It was weird. We all said goodnight as if we were the Waltons and drifted to sleep.

Why were we there? Why flannel? (I’ve not had flannel pjs since I was a kid.) And why, of all actors, Jeff Bridges? (Who, by the way, looked childishly cute in his footy pyjamas.)

I dunno. But I thought it was just weird enough to share. If you have dream analysis skills, let me know. šŸ™‚


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4 thoughts on “The twisted dream factory keeps on truckin’”

  1. Hmm, non-sexually threatening men and lots of flannel. You want a bunch of eunuchs to do the cleaning round the flat?

    “Why Jeff Bridges?” Well if you check out the first quote here it makes sense. He is just trying to avoid being typecast by appearing in your dream as his latest project. If there are no reports of him appearing in anyone else’s dream dressed in flannel pjs then he has succeeded.

    šŸ™‚ Kev

  2. Awww… your link only got formatted as “here
    Post the link again Kev! šŸ™‚

    And yes, I could use some clean up around this place! We’ve been working too hard to tidy up lately. Now… do you suppose “Eunuch housekeeping” is in the yellow pages?


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