Purging dreams into fiction

I started something that just may grow into a lengthy story‚Äì dare I say even a short book. It feels amazing! I’ve always had a soft spot for creative writing, but beyond the soft spot, content and commitment have been hard to come by. This morning I woke from a hard sleep, the kind that leaves your body embossed with the wrinkles of sheets in your flesh, with an amazing idea. I had a dream, surreal and definitely in need of basic shaping, but a dream that could be harnessed into a legitimate story line. I’ve never been so lucky as to stumble upon a concept like that.
I’m not leaving it alone…
Today I sat and wrote nearly 800 words quickly to get a starter on the story before it slipped into my mind’s ether. It’s got promise. It’s a start. It’s a smooth sort of rough that won’t require too much initial tweaking, but is plenty of fodder for me to build on.
I’ve never felt so strongly about getting a story written before. I’ll subject you to it when it’s finished, and perhaps sprinkle a brief teaser of it here now and then. With any luck, it just might be palatable.

Now, back to a sticky CSS layout. I’ve not wanted to do much today but sit near the portable air conditioner and rot, but my duty behind the overheating processors calls.