Insert maniacal laughter here

I’m drinking strong coffee way too close to bedtime. (I’m on my second cup…)

I’m listening to Cradle of Filth and coding up a can of whoopass all over Internet Explorer.

I was a triumphant shopper in town earlier today.

God couldn’t craft a more beautiful day if he were lying upon a hill in Wales watching the fluffy clouds roll by.

I am a happy girlie today. It feels good.


What I’m listening to right now:
Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness) from the album “Damnation And A Day” by Cradle Of Filth

2 thoughts on “Insert maniacal laughter here”

  1. WOW, you are gonna start to loose sleep ove the whole IE thing!!!!!

    Relax girl, have some more EXPRESSO and crank up the carnage!!!


  2. Heh heh… I did loose sleep, however, the payoff was golden! I’m still not through the woods with the IE thing, but I seem to be able to thwart most of what the demon browser throws my way.

    Carnage, indeed! 🙂


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