Intel in Apple Machines…

Really, I’ve not yet seen the WWDC keynote or read much about this, but I have one serious issue that hopefully will keep Apple remembering who they are to us Mac users:

I’ll be ok with Intel Inside, provided I never, ever have to see the Blue Man Group silouettes donning iPods in the next ad campaign.
Some things are fucking sacred.

I intend to read more up on this, and I have a basic membership in the Developer’s Connection, so I’ll start there and rant or rave as appropriate to my findings.

Now, I’ve got dinner to make.


3 thoughts on “Intel in Apple Machines…”

  1. At leas they say that OS X will continue to only run on Apple hardware.

    But, yeah, hell got a little bit chilly.

    I dunno, it’s like, part of having an apple is a statement against wintel.

  2. I admit… I’m still of the old school mindset saying: “WTF?! Not Intel!!!” – but I want Apple to make the best decision for it’s business model. If it means going Intel, then I support them.
    I did read an article on Wired about the Mac Mini will likely be the first to accept the new chip in hopes that the DRM hardware on the chip will help to make the Mac Mini the entertainment centre of the digital lifestyle… Movies would be rented via broadband without fear of copying… it’s smart, but also potentially a dangerous route.

    We’ll see how the next few months of rumours pan out…


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