The cutey-wootiest baby goose

BabygooseTell me that’s not the cutest baby goose ever… just try it.
Unfortunately he was on the move, so the shot is a little blurry, but I don’t mind. He was inches away from me and so incredibly cute!
Had a great time today. Woke after a long, good night’s sleep, ate a suitable breakfast and we went for a walk outside Wokingham at a place called Dinton Pastures in Lodden Valley. Wandering around several pond and lake bits, we saw loads of geese and ducks as well as a dramatic number of dragonflies. They were spectacular! Every pond edge brush had loads them! Many were bright blue and perched on leaves and stalks, almost posing for us. I think we spent most of our time looking at bugs of one sort or another. Spider, bees, flies and dragonflies seemed to command our attention both with our eyes and camera lenses. Here’s some miscellaneous shots I snapped today…
I’ve cropped these haphazardly, but you get the idea that it was a mostly bug-centric kind of day…

Back in the flat now; had a lovely dinner of fresh steamed veg, rice and an oven warmed ciabatta. Now it’s time to, ironically, de-bug an application interface’s CSS issues. Good bugs earlier‚Äì bad bugs now. Off I go…


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