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I had a good time tagging along with Neil to the BBC stations in Shepherd’s Bush yesterday. As I sat in the reception area just outside the studios where Simon Mayo has his show, I ticked down some thoughts and observations into my trusty Pismo Powerbook. Some of it reads like minutes for a meeting, but that was just the old club secretary in me coming out. (I was secretary for a Mac User Group for three years…) There’s a special surprise observation in there… so read carefully. πŸ˜‰

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Here are my notes on the BBC Five Live experience:

I’m sat here in the Five Live studio reception area listening to the Simon Mayo show which is partially focusing on Podcasting this afternoon. Neil’s in the studio with a gaggle of folks from the Beeb as well as a phone-in guest calling from California who seems to have a connection to the BBC as well. Neil was the first to be focused on with a few questions from Mayo, and although I may be biased in his favour in as his wife, I must say he answered the interviewer intelligently and sensibly. Yay Neil!

They’re offering a MP3 player for give-away with a trivia question from another show’s movie review, which is cool, but I’ll bet it’s not an iPod… It’s still cool of the BBC to have the give-away.

Neil jumped to the plate on the first question after the break by talking about Apple and Microsoft opening up their music playing applications to podcasting by implementing auto-download (RSS) into their music player softwares. Also addressed to Neil was a ‘future direction’ style question regarding potential upcoming kit to store the podcasts the listener wants, similar to a Sky box now. A comparison to blogging was posed to Neil which ended up melding into a professional v amateur podcaster discussion with another guest.

The stats for the BBC downloads are staggeringly high and the future direction of offering archived recordings was explored briefly with a light mention of copyright tangles and additional servers as potential hurdles on that path.

Oh my god. I just saw a BBC guy with a fairly smart/nerdy look (glasses, button-down checked shirt and a neat haircut) pick his nose (with purpose and gusto lasting several seconds) then suck that digit as if he’d just dipped it in his mum’s bowl of cake batter. AAAAaaahhhh! Note to self: don’t shake that dude’s hand and think twice about people-watching… I think I’m scarred. * sigh *

Anyway, back to the show…Neil got to answer/participate a bit more in the discussion and managed to mention another time…

And that’s where I left off. I was interrupted by one of the staff to say that the guys were ready to go. So, that’s my first-hand ramblings of what I noticed, clearly focusing on Neil’s involvement and the guy I like to refer to as “booger boy.”


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  1. See …. I told you that the food in England was horrible …. even the natives have to resort to ………. how should i say …. produce their own snacks ? .

    Ciao ……

  2. Jen,

    I was VERY impressed with how articulately Neil fielded the questions.

    Simon Mayo was a huge prime time breakast radio / sometime tv presenter some years ago and still has a national following on his R5 talk show.

    It was great to hear Neil talk pretty much selflessly about Podcasting – in fact I’m certain he didn’t even mention his own show; Minor Technicality.

    Neil must be so pleased with the Britcaster success in such a quick time – and you in turn proud of him.

    Well done on a brilliant job well done – great to know you both.


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