Beeb Beeb Beeb!

Today is gonna be fun! I’m going to the BBC!

Admittedly, I have as much real purpose in being there as a giraffe, but I’m going and that’s that. The reason I’ll be there is thanks to the immense attention that the Britcaster site is getting lately. The stats are amazing! The month of May saw over 8700 RSS hits to the site and typically 160 main page views per day not counting the RSS subscribers. The site traffic is explosive! Britcaster has only been up roughly one month, so that’s incredible results for any new site. Neil developed Britcaster after seeing a way to aggregate feeds into a central WordPress blog, and thus was born. Now the BBC are doing a story and web feature on podcasting and guess who got himself an invite to speak on the BBC Five Live radio show today? Yup. So today we get a VIP parking space inside the gates of the Beeb. I’m gonna take a camera, so hopefully I can get a few snappies to put up here.

Wish us, erm- him luck! (Remember- I’m the giraffe… give my helping of luck to Neil please.)


4 thoughts on “Beeb Beeb Beeb!”

  1. Good luck.

    While you are there can you ask them about the licence discount I requested on the grounds of them polluting my TV with Jeremy Clarkson.


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