Ugh! Horrible compression…

Geez… after trying a second attempt at a podcast, I got the volume up on my vocal track, but unfortunately the compressor settings make it difficult to listen to. I’m perhaps being overly critical, but if I’m gonna put it out there for y’all, I’d at least like it to sound half-decent.

So, I’m disappointed with podcast number two. So it goes. Neil’s had his ups n’ downs with getting it just right but still posted his creations, so shall I. Suffer, little listeners… suffer… πŸ˜‰

Anyway, so next time I may end up trying better equipment than a Logitech PS2 headset to capture my voice. I want to keep this as low-tech and simple as possible, so I’m going to try to avoid getting behind the condenser mic and soundboards that Neil has and make this as portable as possible. I like to hole myself away in the bedroom with the door shut to record right now, so whatever I can dangle off of my trusty old Powerbook is what I want.

* sigh * Third time’s a charm, right?


I tweaked the EQ a bit in Garageband and got a little better sound from the file. I re-uploaded it under it’s old link. It’s now roughly 42% more listen-able than an hour ago. I’ll still do better in my third attempt… honest.

3 thoughts on “Ugh! Horrible compression…”

  1. Not had a chance to listen to your second podcast yet, forgot to bring my headphones and iPod to work. πŸ™

    I used the Logitech PS2 headset that your good self’s gave me, it is much better than using the iSight microphone that sounds like you are recording in the bathroom. I am using the software setup suggested here to do the recording.

    I guess I should start collecting egg boxes and sticking them to the walls. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Kev- I’ll check out that article. I have been fumbling with Garageband too much for my own taste… I know this can be simpler. I’d love to keep using the Logitech headset because it’s convenient- so I’ll see if the article you point to can offer some lightbulb moments to me.

    Third time’s a charm… at least it better be if it knows what’s good for it! lol


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