What a great day!

Hello boys and squirrels…

Ooo‚Äì back to back podcasted blogposts. That’s it‚Äì your ears have had it now… Although I’m getting the urge to play more with this new ability, trust me‚Äì I’m an only child and have ADD, so this could go belly up any time thanks to my recurring inability to stay on task. It’s a wonder I blog at all really‚Äì I could never keep a written diary before. I imagine that holds true for lots of bloggers. Strange that…

Anyway, I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised (sprinkled with a pinch of gobsmack) that anyone would want to download an audio file of me reading my own blog posts. I’ve had a freaky level of downloads in less than 24 hours‚Äì 20 odd downloads already‚Ä쬆and I’ve not even put my blog onto any podcasting feed sites. That pretty much means that the downloads are thanks to the RSS subscribers that are already out there checkin’ me out, as well as the new buddies I have in the forums of Britcaster.com. Thank you all! Your downloads are encouraging the inner ham in me! 🙂 I’d actually buried her pretty deep inside for many years, but to be honest, the rock star that keeps me in tattoos and changing hair colours is itching for shore leave and your attention just might have slid her up to the dock. It’s a cool feeling. I thank you.

On to why it was a great day:
Kites! Yup, kites. Great Windsor Park, friends and their two little girls, Neil, and a handful of kites rating from shit to fit. It was a lovely, sunny day with acceptable wind and a good time for all. In the UK, it’s a Bank Holiday and I know that the US had Memorial Day today as well. What better way to ease back into the work week than to grab a kite, feel the sun on your cheeks and get grass stains on your jeans. After a few hours of single-string diamond, box, and two-string stunts, a snack in Windsor was obtained and a stroll outside the castle completed the afternoon.
Like I said, what a great day!

Tomorrow morning resumes a normal, post-holiday life. Work, household chores, and also for me, more learning and sharpening of my skills in CSS and XHTML. Perhaps I’ll put together another podcast, but I can nearly guarantee that I’ll at least blog. Break me in gently baby‚Äì too much attention and I might get scared!
(Actually, I’m more likely to roll around in the glow of podcast success like a dog in a spring field of flowers and pheromones, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉 )

And with that colourful image I bid you a smooch good night~