When reality bites- hard.

Perhaps that post title is more dramatic than necessary, but then, you likely don’t know how much I love shoes.

I stood there pouring a fresh cup of cafeti?®re brewed coffee into a mug when it hit me‚Äì
I work from home. I don’t wear shoes.

The subtle wallop that realisation has dealt me means that I’ve gone, for months now, unaware that my taste for shoes has diminished into a barely audible whisper in my sub-conscience. I used to revel in shoe shopping. Whenever I needed a sure bet for something to do on a Sunday afternoon, I could always count on the inadequate lighting and carpeted warehouse embrace of my local discount shoe store…

No more.
Most days I don’t get out of my slippers. * sigh *

I’ve just shed a defining characteristic and didn’t even notice it slipping away. I think I’ll put on some sexy, black knee-high boots for old time’s sake…
to do laundry.


6 thoughts on “When reality bites- hard.”

  1. I am quite the opposite. I like shoes, but I prefer to go barefooted. It sucks if you need to go 10 miles to the cinemas on your bike. Then you wish you had put on shoes.

    However, in the summer, there’s nothing better than good pants, a blouse and no shoes. Hmmmmm…

  2. I actually love being barefoot too- I’ve even been known to walk through snow in such a state! (no- not drunk… 😉 )

    Thanks for popping into my blog, Rob! I poked around yours too…

    Now button your blouse before you catch a chill… heh heh


  3. Congrats on your first podcast. I am working on the material for mine, but about to head up towards Oban to clear my head and take some photo’s.


  4. Thanks Kev! It’s fun! I didn’t go too hi-tech with it, but I think I got a decent quality out of the Logitech PS2 headset and the record/cleanup work in Garageband.
    Looking forward to yours! And have a good time in Oban today…


  5. Hey Jen,

    HA! The podcast rocks, more volume in the next recording maybe – poor pismo’s speakers were barely louder than its drive, of the expectant hum of the paused xbox, or the particular whine of the tv that it makes for no reason.

    Your voice isn’t what I expected, you sound like a female Crosley Bendix, and that’s good, if you’re a Negativland fan.


  6. Awww- thanks Matt! * uber blushy *

    Upon playback, I also noticed that the volume could be boosted a bit. Attention to the initial levels will be focused on more for the next one and as my confidence with the recording process increases I’m sure the vocal projection volume will reflect it. I’m actually recording it on a Pismo, so I know the sound is a bit poo out of those speakers. 🙂

    And, yes, I do like Negativland! Thanks for the comparison! 🙂 Now, I must go dig out some of my mp3s- it’s been too long since I had them in rotation! “Christianity is Stupid” has always been a favourite!

    smooches to you and thanks for returning!

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