I am such a climate baby

Once again, those we trust, (*cough*), to predict the weather for us have let me down. I am sitting here in an uncomfortable heat far greater than that of today’s meteorological prophecy. OK‚Äì it’s currently two degrees hotter than they said it would be, but anything after 80 degrees Fahrenheit is going to get me cranky. Actually, I require pacification after around 70 degrees, but now I’m just ranting. 😉

Fans blow heavy air- thick with the scent of Asian cooking from our neighbour- around the flat. The backs of my knees are sweaty, my hair is flat and I wonder what the hell I was thinking in making a hot cup of tea.

There is sweet salvation on it’s way… We ordered a mobile air conditioner from a catalogue company and it will be here Thursday. Knowing UK weather as I do now, it’ll probably be back down in the 60s and it’ll be pointless to even test drive the new cooling unit. Ah well. Perhaps I can count on the weather forecasters guessers to come up with some good news.

Meanwhile… I think I should learn to like iced tea…


One thought on “I am such a climate baby”

  1. Ah Iced Tea. We live on that stuff, in fact maybe you should get a ice maker too…..

    Only problem is in the UK they dont’ sell iced tea blend, so good luck. I bought bulk while in the mid west.

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