Y’all don’t know how good you’ve got it

Good morning! It’s a lovely sunny day here in Berkshire and I’m clicking through the RSS feeds of CNN and BBC for a dose of the news.

I see that the price of gas in the US has fallen by a fair chunk of change. I quote CNN:

“…gasoline prices fell more than 6 cents per gallon in the past two weeks, according to a survey of about 7,000 gas stations nationwide. The Lundberg Survey’s average nationwide price of a gallon of self-serve regular fell 6.4 cents per gallon, to $2.15 per gallon…”

Hey good for you, USA! But let me open your eyes to what you’re missing over here 😉 :
You’re now paying $2.15 (USD national average) for a gallon of gasoline.
The UK is paying approximately 85p (GBP) per liter of gasoline.

Let’s do math…

There are 3.7854118 liters per 1 US gallon.

1 liter of gas here @ .85 GBP (average) x 3.7854118 to give a total UK price per US gallon = £3.2176

As of last Friday, the US Dollar to GB Pound was $1 = £.548

In USD, £3.2176 = $5.871

Americans would be paying, if here in the UK at current exchange rates, $5.871 per gallon.
That’s what we pay right now and have for as long as I’ve been over here.

Be grateful, America. It could be a lot worse. Oh- and if you’re planning a vacation here and intend to rent a car… erm… better use this model as a budget factor. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 🙂


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