Me me me… link to me

Run down– yeah. Better? I think so. Been trying to rest and get back into “normal” hours- in other words- not sleeping sixteen hours a day.

I’m going on a “lifestyle change” kind of eating thing this week. I’m a better eater than most people already, but I’ve been slacking and snacking and generally falling out of good favour with my mind and body. Tomorrow is a new day, a new me and hopefully a day dawning sweet wellness upon me. I’m sick of being sick. It’s not even an exciting illness. No barfing, no lung exploding cough, no uncontrollable bowel issues… nope. For being lazy in my nutrition, it’s at least somewhat comforting to know that I’m not so compromised to contract more than a sinus infection and throat nasties. I think I’m grateful for that.

So to address the title of this post: Link to me. Link to me with a self-indulgent little linky picture of moi. Please? Pretty please with sugar and delicious fudge crumbles on top? (Oh crap… it’s not even tomorrow yet and I’m thinking of the naughty foods I’m to avoid… a slippery slope, folks… slippery.)

Anyway- so here’s a little link graphic I made the other day. If you use it, just have the URL you attach to it refer to: // That would be swell. I’ll send you several virtual smooches. You will officially rock.

Jen Medium Link

Let me know if you use it- send me a comment here or email my dotmac* or my regularjen (at) addy. I’d love to know where my eyeballs end up. I’ll probably link back to you too…

That’s all for now… I’m off to bed. Good night!


*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.