Ugh. Sniff. Whine- the sequel…

I give way too much credit to my immune system. Truth be told- I don’t just magically get over a sinus infection in 24 hours or so. Nope. I may have super powers, but a bunged up nasal cavity will fester longer than I want it to, no matter how much I attempt to will it away with my ignorance and copious amounts of fruit juice, water and echinacea capsules.

So I’m sleeping a lot and being generally sedentary. I worked through my rather messy iPhoto libraries, (split them into several separate libraries for ease of searching), printed photos to send to Grandma and her sister Edith in the US, been catching up on reading from actual books instead of web feeds, and doing as little else as possible. I’m only putting real effort into trying to avoid this sinus plague from reaching my lungs- which is the typical course for this kind of illness in me.

So- back to bed now. I’m taking my Powerbook with me to play in a writing application called CopyWrite. I’m going to attempt to organise the bits and pieces of brain bleedings that scatter my hard drive in various text documents to a central location. I have a desire to organise this mess and perhaps take it to a new and more productive level.

But for now it’s back to my comfy confines beneath the blankets, some green tea, and a laptop computer. Life could certainly be worse…


2 thoughts on “Ugh. Sniff. Whine- the sequel…”

  1. Your immune system system is bound to be a little confused as the bugs will talk with an accent it can’t quite understand. I know this happened to me and I just moved across from one side of Scotland to to the other . These days I am a firm believer in extra hot chili when it comes to killing cold and flu type bugs.

    Get well soon.


  2. LOL! Where’s my Babelfish?
    Yeah, as much as I want to pickle the cold with Absinthe, I am sure that the rest of my body says it’s a bad idea… oh well. I’ve been getting loads of rest and the Welshman keeps bringing me green tea, juice and water.
    We’re likely gonna eat Mexican tonight, so I may have to try extra hot sauce at your suggestion.

    Until then, I’m putting my new Pismo replacement battery to the test and am sure that I’m baking a couple Chakras under it’s heat output… 🙂 But at least I’m resting and not at my desk.

    smooches (from a safe distance)~

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