I’m a Winner!!


I listen to a smattering of podcasts from all over the globe. One that I found a few weeks ago through an RSS feed aggregator caught my eye: Mister Ron’s Basement.

Mister Ron’s Basement focuses on music from yesteryear, (typically around 1900+), and readings from a wide variety of old works. Visit the feed link above for the show notes and have a listen to his quirky and interesting daily show. It’s a typically short and enjoyable podcast that can make a nostalgia buff out of the most hardened of techies.

Now- I’m a winner! Mister Ron Evry was giving away a copy of “Pigs is Pigs” by Ellis Parker Butler. I decided to enter… Whoohoo! I’m the random winner! I just sent my confirmation email to Ron and should be hearing back soon. I used to collect interesting antique and vintage books- so this is a treat!

Anyway- if you’ve not delved into listening to podcasts yet, there is a veritable sea of them out there. My favourites tend to be the quirky ones. I like podcasts with something new (or in MRB’s case- something old) to offer. I don’t like the “reality tv” style podcasts and most dailies are tediously repetitive with (lack of) content. There are also plenty out there that are clearly just wannabe broadcasters looking for someone to notice/discover/hire them. Nah- I listen to podcasts to hear a more interesting cross-section of content. There are plenty of gems out there- you just sometimes have to wade through some really bad podcasts to get to them. Keep trying though. I’ll give you a list of the ones that I tune into on occasion and perhaps you’ll like a few. A good place to start for the British podcasters, (which tend to be more diverse and interesting than the US ones cast-for-cast) is Britcaster.com. It does the work for you and has around 25 podcasts listed and is growing. (I’ve got a link on the sidebar of my blog as well as the one in this post.)

Other than that fun stuff- I’ve got pictures from the weekend going up on my dotmac* site today, as well as the elusive and oft thought non-existent photos of our visit to Kidwelly Castle in Wales. It’s worth the wait for these shots as they are of a really stunning castle.

So- I’ll put a notice up here later when those shots are up.

Until then…

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