Happier, healthier and less hairy

Hiya gang!

Time for something a bit more upbeat than the roadkill eulogy I’ve been spouting for a few days…

As the name of the post suggests-

I am happier:
Thanks to the tears and outpourings of yesterday, I’m a bit emotionally cleansed. I’m not medicated or ‘fixed’ yet, but I started the day with yoga and spent the afternoon in Great Windsor Park flying a rather unruly kite with Neil. It was fun and we laid in the grass watching the low flying airplanes in final approach to Heathrow. It was a perfect afternoon.
I am healthier:
My sinus infection and general poor health for the week has taken it’s upturn. I’m in much less cranial pain and am feeling semi-spunky again. I’ve not had the best sleep this week, for reasons that combine this item with the previous, but all is looking up.
I am less hairy:
I felt good enough to shave my legs, armpits and bikini area today. I let it all get wooly this week since I felt like ass warmed over a turd fire. I’m smoothy-McSmooth now. Yeah!

Tomorrow, Neil and I are going to the south coast to visit some old oak battleships. I can’t wait! We saw Master and Commander on the satellite box the other week, and if you know the time period of that movie… well, that’s the type of ships we’ll be wandering around. I’ll have details and photos for you soon.

In the meantime, just wanted to put up a positive post. I’m an upbeat girlie on a typical day during a typical week, but as you know, this hasn’t been a perfectly typical week. Part of me would love to do it over, but then I’d miss the good bits like the kite flying and all the genuine laughs shared. There’s always something good. Always.