Ugh. Sniff. Whine.

I’ve a mild sinus infection, sore throat and body aches. This cocktail of maladies have brought down the CSS warrior in me. I was deep on the path of understanding and tackling a rather tricky assignment when *Whammo!* – this tidal wave of anti-health washed over me.

I’ve mostly slept today, pouring chilled juice down my pie hole now and then, reading myself into a tailspin from a thoroughly dry book about CSS from O’Reilly Press. My appetite hasn’t waned, (jebus- is it too much to ask for a few pounds lost as I suffer- sheesh!), but I feel as though I’ve been tied behind a lorry going 70 on the dual carriageway.

I’ve complained enough. Really I’m just illustrating how crappy I feel and I’m sure it looks like a complaint… It’s not really. Honest. I like this feeling… it’ll make good health all the sweeter when I achieve it a few days from now. I can’t wait…

smooches~ (if ye dare be smooched upon)

2 thoughts on “Ugh. Sniff. Whine.”

  1. Thanks Kev-
    I am feeling better today. I didn’t try the Absinthe route to wellness, however, if symptoms recur today I may delve into that devil bliss soon enough. Yum.


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