Hard drives & driving’s easy

Been geekin’. (and clearly not bloggin’…)

Sorry, sweeties. I’ve been doing big upgrade geeky stuffs over the past few days, and honestly, after doing that kind of computing I haven’t been much in the mood to blog. So here I am. Things are good‚Äì I got Tiger installed onto a brand-spanky new 120GB internal ATA that now resides as my Master drive to my 80GB former OS Slave volume. I’ve been tinkering with getting my applications in order, serial numbers re-input, email accounts flourishing in all new and brilliant organisational mastery… It’s not been anything but mostly painless. But, then again, it’s not really been anything worth blogging about either. This is the first time I’ve fired up ecto, (which is the cat’s pjs for a blogging assistant), in days. Well, it works, I’m nearly 100% functional on my new drive, and I made a killer pizza this evening. Life is good. 🙂

I’m also driving more now. In case you’re just joining us, (or just like recaps), we got a Ford Focus with an automatic transmission so I don’t have to learn the rules of the road, how to drive on the right side of the car in the left lane, roundabouts, and try to negotiate a manual transmission car all at the same time. With the pressure lifted on my most handicapped area to learn, I’m now toodling down the road with a valid license, insurance and ability to go places I want to go- when I want to go. It’s fab. Now if I can get the spacial awareness thing down, I’m golden. (It’s that urge to drift left as if I’m in a left-hand drive car that’s making me nuts… I’m getting better though. No scuffs- no close calls. Merely one minor altercation with an obtuse kerb, but we left each other on good terms. ;))

I’m really sleepy. I went shopping and lunching with an American gal-pal today and been sat at my Mac for the rest of it. I got both fresh air and the brain drain of .mbox migration this afternoon as well as struggling with conceptualising the best approach for a really tricky CSS application interface. I’m using the “If-I-stare-at-it, it-will-come” approach, but so far nothing but eyestrain and a complete lack of magic eye pictures… I’m pooped. It’s my bedtime…

Nighty night…