Sigh of relief

Sorry it’s been a bunch of days since my last post– I’ve been busy on some code work (CSS mostly), and generally battling a bugger bout of insomnia. I guess it’s what I’d call “insomnia- lite” since the ability to sleep for short periods of time was intact. Things are better now, but after a week of that nonsense, I’m finally on the mend.

The ‘sigh of relief’ title of this post pertains to my last post– the friend I mentioned was fortunately nowhere near the explosion.
* exhale performed *
It was nail bitingly unnerving to not hear from her for days, but we got a text this morning confirming that she’s home, safe, and unharmed. Yay!

You may have noticed the new header graphic at the top of my blog… Not sure if I’m 100% pleased with it really, but it’s nice to see change. I finally decided to say “fuck it” to making my navigation buttons in the header area work for Internet Explorer compatibility. IE is the devil’s browser, and we’ll have none of that horns-n-pitchfork Redmond muckity-muck here. (Well… at least not of the IE variety. I just can’t be bothered to alter my code with hacks for a noncompliant piece of shit browser anyway. FireFox renders pretty well… same goes for Opera. Use those and be enlightened.

That’s all for now, kitties!

What I’m listening to right now:
Hey from the album “Doolittle” by Pixies

3 thoughts on “Sigh of relief”

  1. ahem… Me- didn’t you read that I’m not bothering with Internet Explorer rendering issues? Come on… get FireFox or Opera- you’ll thank me!

    Thanks for the compliment though! 🙂


  2. Like the new banner, liked the old one as well although it confused me a little as it looked as if the plane was heading back to the US not coming from it.

    It is good to have the ‘jEN Snarl’ back.



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