Tiger is unleashed today– Extensis says Oops!

Ok- so as a Mac user I’ve been looking forward to this new iteration of the operating system– Tiger. It’s a beauty in functionality and GUI, and offers some serious enhancements for all levels of Mac users.

Enough evangelising. Here’s the funny bit: I got into my email this morning to find that Extensis, (makers of Suitcase, Portfolio, Intellihance and a handful of other truly functional professional grade tools that I use), had sent me a no frills notice with the subject line of, “Important info about Portfolio 7 and Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger compatibility.” I opened it to find the “oops… erm, uh, we like, forgot to make Portfolio, like, compatible and stuff” email of the year. It’s beautiful. No fancy HTML encoding with little logos on the notice. Nope, just a text email saying roughly, “Houston– we have a problem.” on the day of Tiger’s release.

Now, I’m no developer, but isn’t it common practice that these software houses have had a development copy of the new OS for around six months or so to work with? I remember seeing the Keynote broadcast where Steve Jobs announced that all the developers would be going home from the conference with Tiger in their hands…

Extensis seems to be banking on the professional users not jumping onto the Tiger bandwagon right away. Most creative professionals will wait until the first patch/update is released for the OS before installing it on their money making Macs. Extensis is clever enough to buy time in this area. Well… I’m still disappointed. As a professional Mac user and a paying customer of Extensis, I would’ve expected such a major software company to have been on the ball with this one. This version of the Mac OS is the “Longhorn?” address from Cupertino. It’s not a minor upgrade, folks. I use Portfolio in my work and now need to reconsider installing the OS I’ve been waiting nearly a year for just because one of my necessary apps isn’t up to speed.

Who am I kidding… I can live without Portfolio for a few days or weeks… I want to play with my new OS toy! Where’s the damn delivery man! I want my Tiger!

Oh- for kicks, here’s a clip from that email I got today:

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is incompatible with the current version of Extensis Portfolio 7. We are aware of this issue and will deliver a Tiger compatibility update very soon. For more information, please visit our Extensis Products Compatibility web page at http://www.extensis.com/en/support/product_compatibility.jsp

If you have any specific questions regarding your version of Portfolio 7, please contact the Extensis Product Support Team http://www.extensis.com/en/support

Thank you.

Extensis, Inc.
1800 SW First Ave.
Suite 500
Portland, OR
97201 USA

© 2005 Extensis, Inc., a Celartem Company. All rights reserved.

That’s all for now, kitties. (At least they’re not owned by Adobe yet… 😉 ) Have a great day!

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