Brains be drained

I’ve been hard at work learning and debugging some CSS over the past couple of days. I’m so tired of looking at curly braces (like these: { } ) that I could scream. I strapped on my iPod for a bit of noise therapy earlier. Now I’m determined to not go back into the code for the rest of the weekend… er, maybe most of it… I’ll try. Honest…

I hate leaving a miserable task unfinished, but I understand that I’m putting a bit of undue pressure upon myself with the issue I’m having. So, sod it. I’m breaking away for some good old fashioned pizza, video games and perhaps a movie. I’ve got Silent Hill 4: The Room to work on (PS2) and might do a little Killzone or GT4… I know, I should go get some fresh, non-technology infected air into my lungs, see some birds, feel some grass beneath my feet… whatever. I want to shoot things first.

Relax and breathe, jEN.

I’ve got a couple of draft posts for you in the works… I’ll give you more attention over the weekend. I still have pictures of Kidwelly Castle to put up as well as a map of Wales showing the area we covered on holiday.

Until then,