The apocalypse is near when…

You know the apocalypse is near when you’re used to hacks and fixes in CSS to make otherwise simple things look as intended in Internet Explorer, but for some reason, as you tinker in the code cross-platform, you find that the only compliant one is that which typically vexes you… IE- you bastard.

This vague and alienating rant was really just for my own benefit. I’ve been chugging away at CSS for a drop-down menu bar today, (no- not for this blog, and yes, I know I never fixed my own navigation for IE… *tut*), and I’ve been through coffee, tea, wine, tears and semi-triumphs today. I’m tired and IE-pc is mocking me.


I’m done for the night. *pthhhbbbttt* 😛


What I’m listening to right now:
Monsters In The Parasol from the album “Rated R” by Queens Of The Stone Age

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