Cat hunting?!? WTF…

Just when you think the government is already as crazy as it can be…
AOL News – Wisconsin Considers Legalizing Cat Hunting
Erm… what freaks me out most is the idea of the gun-toting public walking around looking for outdoor cats to shoot. What if it’s a fluffy cat whose collar is obscured by it’s own coat? “Oops… sorry ma’am. Thought that varmint was a dangerous feral beast… didn’t see the collar in time…” That will happen. Hunting in Wisconsin is seen by the hunters as a right of passage and a defendable right to kill nature’s creatures. It’s all too prevalent that if it bleeds, there must be a season to shoot it. Hey, I’m not closed minded- if you need to kill for survival or because you need to feed your family and can’t get what you need at Piggly Wiggly… then fine. Go ahead- shoot. Unfortunately, I don’t buy the “managing wildlife” argument that the DNR and hunters try to brainwash the public with. If wildlife were managed peaceably and with compassionate science, there’d be less people with guns in the woods, and the problem with the occasional dog, cow, horse or human getting killed because some drunken or vision-impaired “hunter” saw “something moving” could be avoided.

Cats. Domestic species cats. Ok- only the feral ones… without an owner or collar in sight… Hmmm… Ok, picture this: My old boss hates his neighbours’ cat. I can just see a smile creep across his face when he knows that it’s nearly legally recognised that he could finally shoot the nuisance feline for pooping in his garden. Now, my former boss lives on a huge parcel of land, (By UK comparisons it’s damn near field size! He uses a riding lawnmower to manage it… and it takes hours to mow!), and I guarantee that other creatures are pooping far more regularly in his grass than the next door neighbours’ cat… but it’s this feline that vexes him so profoundly. (Boss, if you’re reading this, you know I’m just funnin’ with ya…)
So- if the neighbours don’t have a collar on this cat… fair game. Dare I say, the cat becomes “wild game.”

It’s laughable to see that only when faced with such an extreme ‘solution’ that even the feral cat’s most vocal opposition, the Audubon Society, sees that they should now review their own data on the impact of feral cats in the songbird numbers. (Forget the fact that pesticides have taken away so many bugs and worms… geez- don’t think about the bird’s own food sources, people! It’s simple: a more natural lawn or field will attract more birds. Why? Food! Birds need more than birdseed, jackasses!)

What a scary and ridiculous society at times. America is gun crazy and will always use them as a means to settle a score, be it against another human or nature itself. Americans are more than willing to put a bullet into another living creature for any number of reasons or justifications, but still can’t cope with the idea of assisted suicide, human euthanasia, or abortion. We’ll send a child to war and he becomes a disposable commodity to the military, but if that child were unwanted to start with, the parents are stigmatised for considering abortion… I don’t know where I’m going with this but the rant just keeps rolling…

So, I’m going to sip some coffee and stop here.

It’s nice to be back, by the way. I’ll have a proper post on the incredible holiday in Wales later this afternoon. No ponies, as they were all booked, but I didn’t even miss them after the sights we saw. Fantastic! I’ll show you later… 😉