Nav bar in IE is poo… surprise surprise

I’m dinking with a general navigation bar in my header and noticed that on a PC in Internet Explorer, it looks like poo. (Like I should be surprised…)
I’ll work on a fix over the course of the day. I still get about 50% of my views from IE, so I’ll make it pretty for you.
(It’s always good practise to be able to troubleshoot these things on both major platforms anyway. It only bolsters my geek cred. 🙂 )

Got a post about my adventures from yesterday in the works, with photos, so stay tuned. I plan on getting my “Weird Stuff I’ve Eaten” post worked on too… It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK, so I’ll use my time to play geek for myself.

Wanna know if your PC based website looks nice on Mac based platforms? Trust me, if you don’t know, it’ll probably surprise you. Internet Explorer is not fully compliant with W3C standards, meaning, the code you write for your site will likely not render properly on any other browser, (PC or Mac), other than IE. To at least check your code on a Mac, try this free tool I just found: iCapture
It requires a free registration, but for true web standards compliance and working code, isn’t it worth your time or at the very least, your curiosity satisfaction? I’m going to try it from the PC we use for development purposes… should be interesting. Enjoy!
UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Works great! I ended up downloading a png of my site from the Windows side of life… I know I’ve got Safari and a Mac already, but again, this may come in handy for PC based dev people. (I love you too.)