Indiana Jen & the Salisbury Stones…

Well it sounds interesting anyway… (and I am a Hoosier by birth.)

What does it really mean, you might ask. Well, I was enthusiastically shown around some southern English countryside over Easter weekend, stopping at a Hillfort and Medieval ruins. It was fabulous. I’ve got some photos that will be up on my dotmac* page later today, but here’s a snippet of what I saw in my adventure:
1Ststop DaneburyhillfortDanebury Hillfort2Ndstop Salisbury

Salisbury EntranceSalisbury 3-4Salisbury 4

Old Sarum is the name of the Salisbury castle ruins in the last four shots and the first two are of Iron Age Hillfort, Danebury Ring. Both were loaded with Easter weekend tourists but I had a great time at both sites. Thanks to Neil and his family for taking me under wing and spending time and petrol touring this little American girl around. 🙂


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