A Really Well Written & Interesting Review:

Y’all know how obsessed I am with Queens of the Stone Age. Well, just because I love them doesn’t mean that you do… however, there is a really stand out review of the latest record that has a written style I’ve not previously encountered in the commonplace mill-churnings of self-appreciating record aficionados out there…

This is actually a well written example of how a record review doesn’t have to be typical, predictable or commonly constructed. It tells me everything I want to know about the product without either alienating me with PR/A&R jargon or pissing me off over the lack of attention given to the subject.

This is just fun writing… and it happens to be about my favourite band. Read it for it’s content and style, not it’s subject and enjoy.
Here it is.


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  1. Hmmm… The Hunter S Thompson influence clearly hasn’t died with him. I just don’t understand the need to mix fact and fiction in this way. I find myself questioning the journey I have just been on, revisiting all of it in my head and piecing together what might have been factual and informative – I don’t want to work that hard on what should be just a simple article/review/opinion. I end up merely mistrusting the piece and feeling manipulated.

    Now if Josh Homme truly is the kind of guy who would demand the attention of a journalist at a moment’s notice, then perhaps I have learned a little more about the guy than you average album review would reveal. But the mistrust in the reality & fiction sweet & sour soup leaves me believing I am just being led up the garden path – where the faeries live, in their tiny condominiums made from my discarded trousers.

    It is style for the sake of style (and for the sake of padding an article out to the required number of words to keep the editor happy).

  2. True, that after comparing it to HST, I see the the influence as you do. I know that style of Gonzo journalism doesn’t appeal to you, or perhaps your displaced trousers, but having read more than my fair share of record reviews over the years, a standout article in a sea of banality took my fancy and I dug it.

    Knowing the subject matter thoroughly may have been in my favour for digesting what is a rather down-the-rabbit-hole journalistic approach.

    smooches to each and his own~

  3. Not being a Queens, etc. fan, I can’t comment on the bits about the band, the members, or the new work. Oddly enough, although I am not an HST fan either, I thoroughly enjoyed the review. It was a fun ride! I don’t believe it is etched in stone (sorry about that) anywhere that a review must be dry, boring, and as much fun to read as DIY instructions. As long as the trip is enjoyable and the accuracy of the review isn’t causing the believability meter in my head to raise it’s little quivering brows, I have no problem with the style. Style for the sake of style isn’t always bad…sometimes it’s just plain fun.

    Lighten up and hugs to you, Neil. Life IS a trip on a great big garden path. It’s the fairy condos and discarded trousers that make it bearable!

    Protective hugs ,

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