Unknown Hiccup… Comments Down… Now Up… Really

Hi there!

I thought everything went smoothly with the WordPress 1.5 upgrade, however, I seem to have a broken Comments page…

My team of salivating code monkeys is working dutifully without food or water to correct this issue and will be forced to listen to Geri Halliwell cds until they reach a perfect fix.

Update: A Fix is Achieved!
The monkeys… (erm, ok, it’s just me and Neil, and no, ears were not harmed with Geri Halliwell in the creation of this fix), have found it to be a plugin file missing it’s Javascript mate that caused the disruption in comments posting…

Resume Comment posting my dears. Please… Are you there? Helllooooo?


3 thoughts on “Unknown Hiccup… Comments Down… Now Up… Really”

  1. Oh you are a cruel, cruel mistress, not even very bad salivating code monkeys deserve the Geri Halliwell punishment. 🙂

  2. erm… I’m just trying to fit in, men. I watch Buzzcocks and other shows that continually put down the fountain of *cough* talent known as Geri Halliwell, and desire only to emulate the sentiment of my newly adopted countrymen. Now, I understand that calling Kylie the talentless media whore she is, (oops… I mean, ‘goddess-like mare of all that’s good in the world’ *puke*), would be wholly inappropriate…

    They’re both awful though. Really. But they sure are sparkly…

    smooches to you both~

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