Sitemeter referrals are weird sometimes…

Ok, so I’ve just finished a majorly geeky static page regarding resetting your Mac’s NVRAM. You can find it in the sidebar to your right… —> (edit: link is on the left now…)
I wrote it due to popular search engine referrals relating to that topic, within my blog stats tracked by my freebie Sitemeter. I can see where and what people are searching for when my blog turns up as a hit. It’s sometimes obvious that folks are looking for Googled images of me, (No need folks! Go to my dotmac* or flickr for tonnes of pics or see my FAQ page for a link to some other photos), or for geeky keywords that have appeared in some of my posts, or sometimes weird shit completely unrelated to me… Like this one, for which I proudly take the MSN top spot for: “population in japan like tea”
That’s just strange, but worse than that… I’m oddly honoured to be number one in such a surreal search!

I get referrals from other less savoury search terms too. Examples include:

-one hour orgasm
-list of regular and irregular shape
-deja vu showgirls
-nvram reset
-girls taking shit online
-how a person can pick the perfect tattoo for them
-female pants wetting
-photos of grandmas with big tits
-What happen to Aaron Darks?
-whatchamacalit dresses
-advantages prepress technician

Now, I can’t be bothered to look all of these referring URLs up just to see how they somehow found me, (though the curiosity is burning me up for a few of them), but if it’s as scattered as the japanese tea search above, then I need not worry that I may have accidentally posted about MouthMeat or busty grannies.

I see what you pervs are up to when you find my blog… heh heh. Oh, incidentally, the geeky searches are usually done on Google whilst the naughty ones are typically from MSN. Hmmm… I think that’s a social statement in some way.


*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.

3 thoughts on “Sitemeter referrals are weird sometimes…”

  1. Hey Jen,

    “I need not worry that I may have accidentally posted about MouthMeat or busty grannies”

    erm, from memory you did post a thing on grannyporn a while ago 🙂

    at least i hope you did, otherwise my brain is editing in grannyporn (now THAT’S a word) references to my memory at random.

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