Try not to touch anything in the waiting room…

Now, when you’ve been through as much medical mire as I’ve been through in the past few years, you tend to get good at the whole “Hi my name is Jen and here’s my canned history” speech. (For those not in the know, I’ve got mild asthma, nasty allergies, ADD and am a cervical cancer survivor.) So, I had the chance to run it down again… this time to a doctor here in England.

National Health isn’t too bad, judging from my brief experience with it today. Although the help behind the counter has left me wondering how they keep their jobs, the doctor was pretty cool. Friendly, good handshake, reasonably cluttered office… all in all, a good fella. Best of all, he was easily impressed by my preparedness. I brought all my prescription meds with me so he could get names and doses (though I don’t even take most of it anymore), had a printed multi-page summary from my previous General Practitioner with his business card, and was able to communicate, in multi-syllabic medical terminology, my recent history and what I’m doing with myself. I even gave him my weight in stones, not pounds. He was clearly pleased to have an articulate and aware patient. I left feeling good about the meeting and await my first OBGYN appointment on foreign soil.

I’m sure it’ll be the same type of examination as it was in the US, and I’m hardly shy about spreading it for the doctors. You get used to it after cervical cancer. They see you every couple of months, then every three for a couple of years, then wean you down to every six months. I had my procedure done at a University Hospital, therefore I not only had the pleasure of frequent visits to the ‘snatch-ologists’, but oftentimes would have the examination done by two at a time. Now, one would normally think that it could be kinky fun to have so many interested parties focusing on your naughty parts, but I assure you, two vaginals and two rectals per visit is hardly a proper threesome. đŸ˜‰ It’ll be nice to be down to a single doctor again.

So I’m registered and I even like my doctor. I am well on my way to the full expat experience. Now, I just need to learn how to drive… I should’ve at least learned how to drive a manual in the states… argh… (*sweet voice ensues*) “Neil? Can I grind the gears on your car?” heh heh… (At least the doctor is within walking distance! *phweew!*)


3 thoughts on “Try not to touch anything in the waiting room…”

  1. I thought the doc was a little overtly cheerful and jolly – in a slightly bizarre way. Though I suppose I’m accustomed to doctors who consider you an interruption to their day… that’s Bracknell for you.

  2. Hope everything with the new Dr goes well. The NHS has its share of problems but also has many advantages over other health systems.

    Isthe car still insisting that it only has three wheels? What you need is a copy of the Get Away for the PS2 and a proper gear stick for the Steering Wheel and you can learn in safety. Although it may not be a good style of driving when I come to think of it.

  3. It’s the accessibility to guns in The Getaway that I’m worried about, Kev – you know what them Americans are like. She would have to resort to pointing the hairdryer out the car door and do drive-by styling.

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