if you just can’t wait (hot QOTSA action)

Hey kitties of the stone age…

Anyone who knows me knows that Queens of the Stone Age is my favourite band. Though I’m a well-rounded music freak, the gritty genius of Josh Homme grabs me and thrusts a hot tongue down my throat. I am a slave to his Ovation and a melted puddle of adoration for what he creates with his talented and beautifully diverse group of friends. I’ve been one of the devout for years, even so far as rediscovering his early Kyuss roots. (Thankfully, Josh took the leap from Kyuss guitarist to QOTSA frontman, showing off a distinct and unapologetic vocal style that compliments his strings magically.)

Enough verbal masturbation, this is about the new album- which hasn’t been released yet. I found that you can hear the whole thing on their MySpace page right now. In fact, that’s what I’m doing with my giant gourd-swallowing headphones this very second. (And this one too… and this one…)

So, if you just can’t wait, here’s the link to enjoy a fairly good quality stream of the new album, Lullabies to Paralyze. (You may have to click the Menu item Music, then on the big Queens of the Stone Age photo banner… but it’s there. I promise.)

If you’ve never traipsed through the Elysian Fields of QOTSA before, the latest album is a quirky place to start… I would recommend seeing the full picture by starting in order with:
Queens of the Stone Age -a gritty and sexually charged album with a lazy mentality; catchy but laid back- a rocker and a groover
Rated R (with Rated U if you can get it) -a more punk-rock and sometimes drug-induced surreal album; the debut of bassist/co-writer Nick Oliveri; main single to chart alternatively was The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Songs for the Deaf -perhaps the most commercially acceptable album, includes radio/video hits: No One Knows, and Go With the Flow; included drums from Dave Grohl
Stone Age Complication -previously unreleased and independently released tracks
Lullabies to Paralyze -the latest cd offering, no more Nick Oliveri, includes the single Little Sister; a bit more experimental and less commercial than the last full length album, SFTD, but solid and creative; I love the track I Never Came… I nearly weep at the guitar work and love the vocals

If you can find other projects, like the Heavy Metal 2000 Soundtrack for the song Infinity, any and all of the Desert Sessions albums (especially 7&8 and 9&10), as well as the early, early stuff with The Bronze and These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For… well, then you’ll get a sense of the kind of evolution / devolution / evolution that the band has gone though over the years. Everything old is new again, and there are plenty of sparks from the past in the new cd. For a great independent look at Queens as well as the most complete discographies, lyrics and occasionally a track you can’t get anywhere else, go to The Fade. They really take the obsession a step further than I do. It’s a great site.

That’s all for now from this obsessed little girl…


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  1. Thanks for appreciating my obsessive post! I don’t think I’ve told anyone, but “regularjen” is actually an obscure homage to QOTSA… The first album had a song called Regular John, and I needed to think of an email handle for an old account in the US. It had a nice ring to it and so it’s stuck for years now. I’m a seriously sad little geek. 🙂
    Welcome to my blog and nice to meet you!

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