IE is the devil’s browser

…not because it is specifically anti-God, but because the developers at Micropoop are consistently above the laws of standardisation with regards to the WWW. They are. Honest. Go read about it on geek sites if you don’t believe me. Trust me, I’m much more anti-Microsoft than anti-PC.

(Get Netscape or Firefox now… unless you have Safari or Mozilla already)

I set up the PC last night and just got it’s wifi bridge configured. I checked my blog in Internet Explorer… Guess what?! No right side menu down my whole blog. I scanned quickly to the bottom of the page to find it… Nope. IE says no. (Little Britain fans can visualise “Computer says no… *cough*)

Well, I’m upgrading to WordPress 1.5 today, so hopefully, that revised CSS will play nicer with IE. I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t have proof that at least 50% of my hits come from IE 5 or 6. Argh. You poor dears… go get an alternate browser that conforms to the web dev standards. I promise, you’ve been missing a lot thanks to IE.

More later as I wade through the muck…