Not ignoring you- honest! (but I just might bore you today…)

So, I’ve been a bit preoccupied this week… It’s not that the smiley monster in the olive spread got me, (see previous post), but I think a mild version of jet lag set in. I’ve just felt slightly less energetic and a bit without focus. I know, if you know me, (and by god, you should if you read my blog, but I mean know me in the physical as opposed to the virtual), I’m rarely not energetic and I’m almost always at a focus deficit thanks to ADD… Well, ok, I’m at a slightly less-than-average level on both counts. I’m mostly unpacked from my visit to the US, I’ve done some housework, done some geeking, and slept a lot. Jet lag hasn’t the grip it’s had before on me, but I still needed some lazy recovery time. I’m not that practised at jet-setting yet! 🙂 (Give me time… I like the look of lots of stamps in my Passport!)

So, I’m cleaning house again today and going to connect up an aged PC for web debugging poo. I’m sure it’ll go fairly smoothly as long as I can find the proper space and wall outlets in the spare room. It’s a complete mess in there, (if I don’t come out in and hour for air, send a Saint Bernard with a bottle of Absinthe), but I’ll slash my way through the mire of empty cardboard boxes and packing materials with a virtual machete of doom. I’m not taking shit from that pack-rat’s den of depravity.

Then, after that excitement, I make Mexican for a new friend coming to dinner. She’s an old friend and former colleague of Neil’s and I’m thrilled to meet her. She sounds fascinating and will likely be a great dinner conversationalist due to her broad reaching professional and personal interests. Now, I just hope she likes the Mexican chow…

So in the interest of not boring you and actually getting my day started, (that spare room isn’t going to clean itself and we all know that PCs don’t do anything reliably on their own), off I go.

Oh- I plan on upgrading my WordPress to 1.5 this week, so look for changes soon… I’ll also have some static pages with regular information on this regularjen. 😉