Phone the Weekly World News tabloid!

It’s not just me, right?

There is definitely a face in the spread..
(As usual, click photo for a larger view)

I’m back in the UK now and couldn’t be happier. I haven’t started in on the jet lag yet, but I’m attempting to stave it off by immediately resuming routine here at the flat. We’ll see… it usually takes a few days to kick in. I got in on Wednesday, so, so far-so good.

But, really- there is a happy face in the olive spread right? I’m not mad… am I?

smooches from terra firmiliar (isn’t that clever… heh heh)~

4 thoughts on “Phone the Weekly World News tabloid!”

  1. OK, Richard… congratulations. You’ve stumped the Google Translation tool… 🙂
    The closest I got was Portuguese, but then of course I had partial matches in other languages as well…
    So, I’m just going to ‘smile and nod’, as we’re taught to do as little girls when something doesn’t make sense… No fair doing it in a foreign language though since I don’t ever recall having to put that defence into practice within the boundaries of my native tongue… 😉

  2. Sorry, they used to teach us latin in high school you young whippersnapper ! As Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he exclaimed : alea jacta est … the die is cast ! Since your picture seemed to be margarine …. it became oleo jacta est ! And i just read that the Walton women are among thetop 10 richest people in the world …… and there has been a new union accreditation here in Quebec !

  3. Ahhh… I thought the ‘Oleo’ bit might be a clever reference… I should stick to my intuitions more often and risk looking silly… 😀 I’m afraid my Latin is rusty, having taken it as a very young teen and that’s plenty of years ago…

    Egads… the Walmart reference… now, how am I supposed to sleep well tonight with visions of falling prices and the unemployed in my head? 😉 To stay that rich, do you think those ladies shop their own mega-mart shoe departments? (Probably not… lol, probably not…)

    I snooped for you- peeked at your dotmac… gorgeous photos, man, just gorgeous!


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