girls with guns

I got Aaron an early birthday present yesterday- got him a PS2 network adapter and Killzone so we can shoot each other from across the ocean. Well, connecting to the international network is problematic, but I think the team at Sony is working on it. Seems that they regularly have trouble with the servers for network gaming. Another potential hitch is that he may have to wait for his info/confimation pack from Sony to connect with Central Station. Neil was up late in England trying to help us troubleshoot, but even trying XIII, we didn’t manage to see each other online. I dunno… I read so many forums last night on the Playstation pages that my eyes nearly bled.

So, not being one to pass up a good shoot’em game, I played some Campaign time on Killzone…
Though on the “Easy” setting, I cleared the first level after a couple of tries. It’s a really difficult game and I’m slowly getting better at the super sensitive movement of the crosshairs. I’ve always been crackin’ at Silent Scope, and enjoy plenty of other arcade killers, but this game is more difficult than I’ve played before. I actually can’t rely on my sloppy strategy of just pushing some buttons to get by. Nope, I have to crouch when I reload in the bunkers, mind my “friendly fire” and navigate barbed wire fields instead of being able to hop over the obstacles. It’s refreshingly challenging and I just might learn how to game properly with it.

I plan on going online with it after I get some skills up a bit. I want to slaughter 13 year old boys online. I’m a sad, sad woman… 😀
(I’ll let you know my handle when I create it back in the UK.)